About the Graduate School of Management and Innovation

The Graduate School of Management and Innovation (Faculty of Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov) was founded in June 2006 by the Academic Council on the initiative of the Rector of Moscow State University, Academician V.A. Sadovnichy and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sistema VP. Yevtushenko.

The faculty sees its mission in the training of highly qualified and competitive professionals who will be ready to work in the global market for goods, services, innovations, etc., and who will be able to become leaders in this field. The faculty is proud to have trained specialists for 11th years of its existence and that its graduates successfully work in such large companies as AFK Sistema, OJSC Mobile TeleSystems (MTS), OJSC Bashneft, OJSC RTI , OJSC "Children's World" and others.

The basis of the educational practice of the faculty is the traditional university education combined with corporate specialization. Thanks to this, there is a continuous learning process that not only serves the function of training, but also ensures continuous communication of higher education with the needs of business, timely and adequate consideration of their changes.

The learning process is based on :

- Master's educational program "Strategic Management and Innovations", which is part of the specialization "Management" in general. In accordance with this program, students receive fundamental and theoretical knowledge and practical management skills. The program lasts two years of training. Education is a full-time, part-time and paid. Graduates who successfully passed the state examination in the specialty and passed the state certification, defending master's theses, will receive a diploma of the state model of Moscow State University and will become masters of management.

To prepare future specialists for solving real problems, students directly participate in solving the problems of managing partner companies of the faculty; in solving actual cases and participating in business games, during which they analyze specific experience and practice of creation, ensuring the successful operation and development of high-tech Russian and foreign companies. The practical base of the faculty, which allows to attract practitioners to the educational process, consists of corporate universities with the participation of the faculty - educational departments of large business structures.

The research and teaching staff of the faculty wishes our future graduates of the Graduate School of Management and Innovation good luck and success in teaching, building their future life and career!