two weeks left to participate in the qualifying round of the Lomonosov Universiade in Innovation

The Graduate School of Management and Innovation (Faculty) of Moscow State University organizes the Universiade 'Lomonosov-2023' in Innovation.
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The Lomonosov Universiade in Innovation is an annual Universiade organized by the Graduate School of Management and Innovation within the framework of the Lomonosov Moscow State University 'Lomonosov' Universiade. Its participants are students of the 3rd-4th year of bachelor's degree and university graduates from different countries and regions of Russia.

There are two stages in the Universiade - the correspondence qualifying round and the final (full-time) round, which takes place in Moscow at the Lomonosov Moscow State University. In the face-to-face round, the finalist can take part both in Moscow and via videoconference (online).

The finalists and winners of the Universiade receive the right to enter the Master's program of the Graduate School of Management and Innovation without an entrance exam.

Universiade calendar schedule:
Qualifying round: from December 23, 2022 to March 20, 2023 inclusive Date of publication of the lists of winners of the correspondence round (participants of the 2nd, full-time round) and the task for the final (full-time round): March 24, 2023.
The final round: April 19, 2023